Guudmen Prebiu!

>> Friday, August 15, 2008

Things have taken a drastic change!

No, we did not grow a beard together (technically if we did, we'd have to grow 3 beards individually but together, if you get what I mean), but yesterday when I got into the studio with SJ (moniker: Accidental Penis-- don't ask me why. Yet.) with the tracks that The Kaya Koks recorded for Guudmen (can I just say how awesome the new bass lines are, and how the guitars are so vibeliciously vibing) to record my vocals (here she goes inserting another bracketed sentence, I don't even know what is she talking about anymore), I had a major omg moment.

Ok I will stop using bracketed sentences.

Anyhoot, to be honest, Guudmen is a song that almost got canned. It is also one of the songs that I was quite scared to record the vocals on, because I'm not sure how to work out the fun parts of the song. I wasn't sure if it'll still be fun once we got it all properly recorded at the studio.

But it was a very very very unexpected and happy surprise after we put the vocals together. I love working with The AP!

If you have the time, come by our Myspace page to listen to the prebiu of Guudmen, and let us know what you think. We can't wait to get Dose2 on the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy happy joy joy,


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