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>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

I know, I know, where did the updates go??? T_T Sorry sorry...

Anyway, if anyone's still out there reading this, we've got 2 more songs to go before the EP is finished! Hurrah!

So far the tracklisting includes (not in order):
Hate It,
First Time.

We just recorded the vocals for Liberated yesterday. Admittedly, sometimes I feel a bit bored with singing my old songs over and over again (Liberated is about 2 years old I think), but, the way Boon arranged it, he actually made me fall in love with the song again.

So therefore, I would like to dedicate a piktur to him. ATKK is so lucky to have you Boon Kok!

Oh, we'll be playing an acoustic set at Lepaq Cafe tonight! Details here:

Venue: Lepaq Cafe @ Desa Sri Hartamas
Time: 8.30pm onwards
Also playing are Brainhead, Awandband, and Senoritas!
Entry is by donation

Heard the place is pretty cozy, haven't been there before, but definitely looking forward to it :-) Do come if you're free k!

Lotsa love and choco pies,


Facebook song!

>> Friday, September 5, 2008

It really tickles me that such a silly song has such a professional looking vid! Hur hur... 

Heaps o' thanks to Lobak the Lobak!!! We were goofing around and I kept laughing and spoiling the takes, and Lobak was talking in slow motion coz the headphones he was using had a delay in the sound. So he'd suddenly talk to us REALLY loud and REALLY slow, like so:

Lobak: Ooookkkkaaaayyyy... ggguuuyysss... IIIII... nnneeeddd... yyyyooouuu...ggguuyyss... tttooo... dddoooo...ttthhhaaatttt... ssscceeeennneeee ARGHHH!!!! *tears headphones off* I'm talking slow again! -_-

Checkout his other vids here and here. Haha gotcha, they're both the same links to the same place. As this is. HAHA.


Warm sunny afternoons and ice cream trucks

>> Friday, August 22, 2008

"Imagine you're riding a bicycle on a sunny afternoon, and you see an ice cream truck nearby, then doggies are running beside you, and it's a breezy, carefree day..."

That's what SJ kept telling me when we were recording the vocals. It was pretty difficult at first because the recording booth was cold, it's not really the sunniest place, so I closed my eyes real tight, tied my sweater over my cans OVER my head (ok not really sure how that helped but it kinda did I think, maybe it was the eskimo look ok wait that doesn't make any sense oh well), and just tried as hard as I could to imagine what it'll feel like to suddenly discover that you like that someone on a sunny afternoon.

And we were so happy with the outcome! SJ is an amazing producer. Serious.

Plus, I found this amazingly lush photostream on Flickr which I think best describes Oceans visually.

Gorgeous, isn't it? Credits to peace&love; click for more!

Drop by our myspace to listen to the preview of Oceans. It's an unfinished track, but we're excited to share it with you at this point!


Guudmen Prebiu!

>> Friday, August 15, 2008

Things have taken a drastic change!

No, we did not grow a beard together (technically if we did, we'd have to grow 3 beards individually but together, if you get what I mean), but yesterday when I got into the studio with SJ (moniker: Accidental Penis-- don't ask me why. Yet.) with the tracks that The Kaya Koks recorded for Guudmen (can I just say how awesome the new bass lines are, and how the guitars are so vibeliciously vibing) to record my vocals (here she goes inserting another bracketed sentence, I don't even know what is she talking about anymore), I had a major omg moment.

Ok I will stop using bracketed sentences.

Anyhoot, to be honest, Guudmen is a song that almost got canned. It is also one of the songs that I was quite scared to record the vocals on, because I'm not sure how to work out the fun parts of the song. I wasn't sure if it'll still be fun once we got it all properly recorded at the studio.

But it was a very very very unexpected and happy surprise after we put the vocals together. I love working with The AP!

If you have the time, come by our Myspace page to listen to the prebiu of Guudmen, and let us know what you think. We can't wait to get Dose2 on the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy happy joy joy,


Ironing 101 Instructional Video

>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"First time" ironing? Let us teach you how!!

Okay. Bad lesson, we know. Haha!



>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remember to checkout the outtakes too!


Hello Supersonic Monkeys!

>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Okay. I think we'll be moving our blog here instead of at Myspace :-)

The other day someone mentioned, "Wow, this pop is pretty ambitious" (in reference to Malajube, whose Takeaway Show sessions I absolutely adore).

We want to be ambitious with our pop too. Okay, I'm not promising a blow you away moment when you pop our EP into your CD player, but yeah we'd like to at least try. hehe.

Working on our EP now, which is scheduled for release on end of August (if we push the deadline further we'll be pushing daisies soon).

If you like any of our songs and think it should be on the EP, let us know!

We want things to happen. Watch this space!!! *cue Human League's Together In Electric Dreams*


Happy Birthday Special Edition by The Kaya Koks

>> Monday, January 21, 2008

The Kaya Koks made Alaling a happy woman when they did this uberspecial cover of the birthday song! See what we mean by how versatile this song is? HEHE! Thanks Kaya Koks!!

Happy Birthday by The Kaya Koks

Track listing:

1. Happy Birthday

Download album + cover art here


Bass by Ba Da Beng
Guitars by Ba Da Boon
Vocals by Ba Dadlin


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