Frosty the snowman was a KGB spy in Moscow

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

This is how Christmas sounds like in our heads: KGB spies, exotic lands, Morse code signals, and a clever little wife.

Follow the story of Mrs Frosty, who is on a quest to find her husband, Frosty the snowman.

(Includes album art and story cards)

Track listing:
1. Frosty the snowman was a KGB spy in Moscow
2. Walking in a winter wonderland in China
3. Let it snow melancholy in Tuscany, Italy


All you bearded ladies in the house, lift yo handz up in da air like u just dun care!

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The amazing Lobak made us another video!! YAHUUUUUUUUU!


Liberated @ Apartment KLCC

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

A belated post! Can't hear much in this video but wethinks our recorders were probably loud enough. Speaking of recorders, I remember a teacher in my primary school that used to punish pupils who forgot to bring their recorders by asking the student to sit under the desk, hold a pencil and pretend to play it like a recorder. Ahhhh, Convent schools! HEHE.

Lots of green kaya hugs,


First Time @ Gazeebo Perkahwinan Ayu & Adlin

>> Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hai kawan-kawan!

Semoga saudara dan saudari semua berkhabar baik.

Harini I terjumpa bideo persembahan "Kali Pertama" oleh Alaling dan The Boon, yang telah dirakamkan di majlis perkahwinan kawan karib kita, Adlin dan Ayu. Oh Adlin, upload tapi tak britau. Siap kau.

Sebelum mengakhiri episod ini, ingin ku sampaikan sebuah puisi dari hati untuk pasangan baru dan romantis, Ayu dan Adlin.

Betapa indah nian perkahwinan Ayu dan Adlin,
Bagai harijadi pertama di sebalik lilin
Apa yang I cakapkan ni I pun tak reti
Okeh lah, skarang I pergi makan roti.

Sekian, jumpa lagi di lain lembaran!

Yang benar, adil dan saksama, dengan gaya, mutu dan keunggulan;


Project Birthday Song!

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

To all ATKK fans out there, we're really sorry to disappoint that this isn't a video of ATKK in action, but rather a dedication to Alaling from Obvious Girl + The Like Duhs.

You see, Obvious Girl (also known as BangMang also known as Lady Boss) hijacked The Kaya Koks for this special project. We called it Project Birthday Song because why? Because it's Alalling's birthday today, that's why! DUHH!!

So to our dearestest Alaling, here's wishing you a very, very, fantabulous, scrumptious, wonderfulestest birthday!! May all your ice cream dreams come true! We iz loving you many manyyyyyyyy!!!


Obvious Girl + The Like Duhs
(Or better known as BangMang + The Kaya Koks!)


Iz you like ironing?

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

we don't know how it happened, but we've been rounded up by the cowboys at junk for their 1st cycle of ze Junk Lofi Video erm, cycle!

clickedydoo to check it out if u want to...

sorry for being so quiet lately, but we promise the EP is about to be birthed!!! can you feel our pregger painss... can youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu??!!!!!


hehe... love you all! :-)



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