Hello Supersonic Monkeys!

>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Okay. I think we'll be moving our blog here instead of at Myspace :-)

The other day someone mentioned, "Wow, this pop is pretty ambitious" (in reference to Malajube, whose Takeaway Show sessions I absolutely adore).

We want to be ambitious with our pop too. Okay, I'm not promising a blow you away moment when you pop our EP into your CD player, but yeah we'd like to at least try. hehe.

Working on our EP now, which is scheduled for release on end of August (if we push the deadline further we'll be pushing daisies soon).

If you like any of our songs and think it should be on the EP, let us know!

We want things to happen. Watch this space!!! *cue Human League's Together In Electric Dreams*


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